Visual Strategies. Urban Space reformulated

The departure point for this ambitious long-term book project is my interest in the transformations of the urban space that started at the beginning of the 1990s. The main focus lies on the former Eastern Block and Bulgaria in particular. Furthermore I am interested in the development of the European cities conditioned by the neoliberal political and economic system under the aspects of the information society. An important part in this process of redefinition and commercialisation is the increase of the image flow in the urban space on the one hand and the artistic and media image production on the other hand. The visual interface of the cities turned into a huge projection screen for advertising, corporative representations but also into a stage for a variety of artistic practices and interventions such as art in the public space and different street art genres. How do we read the signs and the images that we happen to stumble upon walking through the city? What are the tools that artists and urban activists use in order to share their messages, ideas and the images they create?